Have you ever been in the situation where someone asked for a volunteer and no one offered? Or have you ever seen someone in need and said, “Someone should help them”? It happens all the time. When that happens at work and someone gets chosen for the job, we say, “You just got volun-told!” When someone gets volun-told, they usually aren’t happy about it and rarely put their best effort forward.

Have you ever been volun-told by God? I have a few times. I start to pray for someone and God says, “You go help.” I start looking for excuses why I can’t help. I don’t know if it’s humorous to God or if it frustrates Him. I’m willing to pray for someone, but I’m not ready to be the answer to that prayer. Why? It’s the same reason any of don’t want to. It means we have to get involved.

What we don’t think about is that the moment we pray for someone else, we get involved. We are asking God to move on their behalf and are putting ourself in service. At work we also say that you can’t point out a problem unless you come up with a solution. It doesn’t have to be the right solution, but it needs to show that you are looking for a way to make it better. I don’t know that God needs our solutions to problems, but He does need us to be a part of the solution.

We are not here just to take and keep the good things God gives to us. We are to take those things and reinvest them. What God gives us is not our own. We are merely stewards of it. Whatever God has given you, it is to be used to be the solution for someone else, not just for your benefit. Our faith requires action. Yes, prayer is action. Yes, God can do the miraculous and provide supernaturally. Why would I want Him to do that and rob myself of the blessing of being used by Him to provide?

God doesn’t need you or I to do things in this world. He chooses to offer us opportunities to volunteer though. Are we too busy to be Jesus to someone today? Are we so caught up doing things for ourselves that we fail to do things for someone else? Jesus said when we do things for others, we’re doing it to Him, even if it is a cup of water. We get blinded into thinking that volunteering means long term commitment. Sometimes it is, but other times it’s just handing a cup of water to someone.

James 2:16 asks what good is it if you tell someone to stay warm and eat well and then don’t give that person any food or clothes. In essence that is what we are doing when we are willing to pray for someone without being willing to be that answer to prayer. Who is it in your path that needs you to be their answer? What can you do to give a “cup of water” to someone today? Are you waiting to be volun-told or will you receive the blessing by saying “Here am I, send me” like Isaiah?


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2 responses to “Volun-told

  1. Alonso Pedroza

    It’s funny how this exact thing happen to me today at work. I just got to work and I saw one of my coworkers with his back pack on and I simply asked if he was headed to school. He said, no but was waiting on another coworker to get out of the tanning bed. I did not ask why he was waiting for her but I soon got the answer. Turns out he needed a ride to the hospital because his wife passed out at his house, she is 8 months pregnant! She have been taken to the hospital by his mom. I told him what are you still doing here?! He simply was waiting to ask the girl in the tanning bed for a ride since his wife had his car with her. The girl in the tanning bed had 9 minutes left in the bed. I honestly just shrugged it off and told myself,well he does not need my help he will ask for my help if he needs it. Instead of leaving the front desk, it was getting crowded, I stayed their and analyzed situation. I noticed how I could not even leave, their was strong vive for me to stay their. I asked myself, Why don’t I take him? Luckily my client cancelled and I had an hour with her, so that left an hour for me until the next client. Instead of sitting back and letting things happen on their own, I made it happen! I asked him, Dude can I take you? He said, if I had a client I told him luckily she cancelled so I am free to take him. I do not believe in coincidences, I believe in things are set as they are by God. Things happen for a reason. Its up to me to take the action and help our fellow brothers and sisters. I thanked God I was able to realize I was the one to answer my coworkers calling for help. When I dropped him off he thanked me and I was on my way back to work. Then I thought what if I would have not taken him, then what? I would have just sat at work and not had anything to do since my client cancelled. I would have felt bad, and disappointed in myself for not listening for God’s calling. I could have easily just told myself, someone else will volunteer. The more and more I love and walk with Jesus, the easier it is to hear God’s calling to bless someone in need of help. Its amazing I herd God’s calling, and amazingly he sounds just like me. I herd, “You go and drive him to the hospital. Don’t wait until its too late, be the Leader I want you to be.” And I was off to go take him to the hospital. I made a DIFFERENCE in the world today! Sure it was something small compared to the whole world, but one small stone thrown in the water makes a hug ripple effect!

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