The Gift of Blessing

Since I was a child I have read in the Old Testament how fathers prayed blessings on their children. I always loved that concept. Somewhere along in history, people failed to pass that along and children have been living without being given a generational blessing. I decided when I had a child, I would bless them in the way that Abraham blessed Isaac.

After my mom died, I was distraught. I was young and still had a need for a godly mother in my life. My best friend’s mom fit that bill. Rocio was an incredible woman of God. She took me in and called me her son. She always knew when something wasn’t right with me. She would pull me aside and ask what was wrong. She would point to scriptures to help me and then she would pray over me.

It wasn’t many years later that Rocio got cancer too. One night, as she knew her time was short, she brought her children and I into her bedroom. She wanted us to sing hymns that were meaningful to her. After we sang, she wanted us to go in a circle and share one of our favorite scriptures. After the circle was completed, she wanted to do it again. We continued to go around that circle for more than an hour until none of us could quote scriptures that hadn’t been quoted yet.

After that she made the biggest impact she ever made in my life. She had us all leave her bedside and brought us in one at a time. She then asked each of us individually, “Have I done anything to offend you?” After that, she asked, “Are there any grudges you are holding against me?” Then she got more serious, “Is there anything you want to tell me that you’ve never told me, but always wanted to?” After we talked some more, she laid her hand on us and gave a blessing to us individually of who she wanted us to become in her absence. After that she prayed over us.

She will never know what a profound impact that had on my life. She gave each one of us gifts that we are unworthy to bear. She gave us the gift of freedom by allowing us to forgive her or to be forgiven by her. She gave us the gift of no regrets by giving us a platform to tell her something we had held back. Then she gave the most important gift of all, the gift of blessing.

I want to give that gift to my son every day. I believe in the power of words, especially God’s words. It is very humbling to be given such a gift. As a parent there is no greater honor than to bless your children and to pray over them. I have chosen different passages of scripture to bless my son with in order to help him become who God wants him to be.

Here is the blessing I pray over him:

May The Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.

May He sing and dance over you because you are His child.

May He bring peace to your life and to your mind.

May He heal you of any disease and keep you from any sickness that would harm you.

May He give you good dreams and help you to live them out.

May you come to know Him at an early age and serve Him all the days of your life.

May you be a lover of His Word and find understanding in it.

May you find favor with God and man.

May you grow to be a man of integrity and a leader among men.

May you be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath.


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