Coach Jesus

I ran into my junior high basketball coach this weekend. We were talking about the good old days and how things change. He was mentioning how much coaching has changed in the past few years. One of the ways it has changed is that kids don’t ask to be put in. I was shocked. I can remember being pulled out of a game to rest and arguing with him. “Coach, I’m fine! Let me stay in a little longer,” I’d say. When I was on the bench for a few minutes, I’d look down the bench at him trying to catch his eye.

I wanted to be back in the action. I wasn’t content to sit on the side lines and watch. Not much has changed I guess. I’m not content to watch things happen. I want to be a part of things, especially good things. I want to help out in ministries. I want to go to other countries and be the hands and feet of Jesus. I want to stand in front of people and tell them what a difference Jesus made in my life.

I think Peter was a lot like that. He was the first to volunteer and the last one who wanted to be sat down. When Jesus asked, “Who do men say I am,” it was Peter who answered. When the guards came to take Jesus, it was Peter who grabbed his sword and swung it. When they were in a boat and the storm was raging, it was Peter who asked to walk on water. When the Holy Spirit came down and the people gathered around the upper room, it was Peter who stood up and preached.

Was he perfect? No. Did he often have to be corrected? Yes. He wasn’t afraid to go out and do something for Jesus, even if he made a mistake. He’d rather make a mistake in ministry than to make the mistake of sitting on the side lines. It was the other eleven who stayed in the boat sitting on the side lines. Every one of them had the opportunity to get out of the boat and join Peter. They could have known what it felt like to have water under their feet.

I don’t want to be one of the eleven who sat around a campfire asking Peter what it was like. I want to be the one telling the stories. I want to be the one experiencing the miraculous. It all starts with a desire to do something for Christ. It starts with not being content to sit in a pew Sunday after Sunday watching as others experience a move of God. It starts with me saying, “Put me in, Jesus.”

Where are you? Are you content to sit in a pew with the other eleven? Are you willing to step out of the boat and to walk on water? Are you looking at the other end of the bench, staring Jesus down, trying to get His attention? I am! I want nothing more than for Him to look down the row at the members of His team, give me a head nod and say, “Chris, go check in. I need you on the court.”


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4 responses to “Coach Jesus

  1. Alonso Pedroza

    Correct me if I am wrong:
    That is one definition of Leadership. Leaders don’t let things happen, Leaders go out and make things happen. While others are scared to make mistakes or be blamed by bad ideas/ actions, Leaders stand up and are ready to make things happen even if the outcome may turn out to be bad. Some people like to blame others for mistakes or be able to blame someone else for a mistake made but dont like to be blamed that is way they don’t stand up. At the same time, people like to walk with the ones that came up with the right ideas/ actions.
    One of the things that separates Leaders from others is the ability to think on your feet, think of others first, stand up for what they believe in, never stop growing/ learning, caring and truly Loving others and to always do the right thing even if no one is looking.
    I believe the best Leader this world has ever seen is Jesus Christ. Christianity is one of the biggest way of living in the world (I learn that this Sunday. Christianity is not a religion is a way of life.) He started with 12 followers now there is billions. That help me realize just because your not followed by many does not mean your not a great Leader.
    Jesus Christ died for us, and God gave his only Son.
    Thank you for helping me realize how much of a Leader Peter was.

    • I’m glad you were able to take what you’ve learned from your leadership classes to be able to spot other leaders. We all like to point to the Peter that denied Christ because it makes us feel better. We all wish we were the Peter that had the courage to get out of the boat. Because of his leadership skills, Jesus chose him to be the one on whom He would build His church.

  2. Foy

    How should I say this? Peter is one of my favorites by far but for the other people out there I believe you are each given a skill set. Like Peter some are the spunky go out there and get them types and just because you may not want to lead you still can be the support, the backbone, the listener, etc. what I take from Peter and others of faith is that you may just have to step out of your comfort zone and let the Holy Spirit lead you.

    Chris thanks for the dailies, they truly do give me a great start or end for the day.


    • Great perspective. Thanks for sharing, Foy. I agree it takes all types of personalities. Being support or backbone still requires action on their part. Just like in basketball where different positions have different roles, in Christianity, there are different roles we each can fill. We all have a skill set and should want to use it. He’s just waiting for us to say, “Put me in, Coach!”

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