Broken Vessels

I was listening to Tullian Tchividjian speak about the disciples that Jesus chose. He mentioned that Jesus didn’t choose religious or wealthy men. He chose men who had nothing to bring to the table. He also said that God doesn’t need perfect vessels to carry out His will, He needs broken ones. There’s a lot in just those few statements that speaks to me. I think that the 12 men whom He chose to give His life changing message to says a lot about who God is and what He sees in people.

I was teaching a sales skills class by Brian Tracy recently and he talked about he studied companies with the lowest turnover in employees. He found that those companies had one thing in common: they didn’t hire based on qualifications. Instead, those companies hired based on attitude. I think God does the same thing. He doesn’t care what credentials you hold, how many times you’ve failed, how little you have to offer or how much you make. What He cares about is your willingness to do what He asks.

When Jesus chose the disciples, He pretty much walked up to them and said, “Come follow me.” They didn’t ask Him who He was. They didn’t say, “Let me finish doing this task.” They didn’t ask to go say goodbye to family and friends. They dropped what they were doing, left family and friends to follow Jesus. They were chosen because their attitudes were the type that was willing to do whatever a God asked without worrying about everything else that typically stops us from doing His will.

These men were not perfect either. Peter had a big mouth. Thomas was a skeptic. Judas was self righteous. Matthew was a tax collector who had cheated people. The list goes on. God does not choose people to carry out His will based on what they offer. He chooses people based on their inabilities. If we could do everything He asked on our own, where would faith come in? If we were confident enough to say what He tells us to say, we would think we were doing it in our own strength. If we had the credentials and expertise, pride would swell up in us. Instead, He finds broken and chipped vessels to put together to do His will so He can get the glory.

Have you limited yourself in what you feel God has called you to do because you don’t have the skills or ability? Have you thought God wanted you to do something that was over your head but turned Him down because you couldn’t do that on your own? You don’t have to have a degree in Public Speaking to share what God has done for you. You don’t have to have a Masters in Anthropology to help the needy. You don’t have to have a Doctorate in Theology to discuss with others what you found in God’s Word. You simply have to be a vessel that’s been broken and ready to use by Him for His purpose and His glory. He will give you all you need to be successful in your calling.

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  1. I have read all that you say and also agree to everything. But! What happens to the vessel when it is continuously thrown onto the ground and tramped upon until all the broken pieces become just dust? God does use broken vessels so to reveal His Power, Wisdom, Might, Honour and Glory, but these vessels are not appreciated or accepted by the high towers of pride.
    For 54 years now my life has continuously been torn apart, thrown down and trampled on by those who simply use me and when they are finished with me, I am thrown one side like a piece of dirt rag. I am continuously used as a punch bag, a floor rag and a door mat, and this has brought my life to the edge of a cliff, to give my final fall.
    Believe me when I say, I do not only believe in God, but I also serve God with sincere humbleness and willingness, through and in His Eternal Light Jesus Christ. This I do because I love God so much, accepting Him as my ABBA Father. Therefore, my humble prayer soaked with tears to God lies permanently before His Holy Feet; “Lord God, within Thy Eternal Light Jesus Christ, my spirit is shattered to dust, and has been cast out into the parched desert to dry out and to die. By the heated tongues of mine enemy I have been consumed, there remaineth nothing left to praise and worship Thee my God. Therefore Lord God, within my shattered spirit, within my dying cry and with my last hope and last breath, as Jesus cried with His last breath I cry too, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

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