God Keeps His Promise

I recently had dinner with a friend. I told him how it was hard to see how God’s promises to me could come true. I pointed to my current path and showed the gap from where I am to where God said I will be. I talked of my frustrations with the lack of progress of where I thought I would be versus where I am. He chuckled and said, “From the other side of the table, it’s easy to see and know that God will do what He’s promised you.” He then shared from his perspective what he sees.

If you’ve ever watched “Facing The Giants”, you no doubt remember the Death Crawl scene. The coach blindfolds Brock and asks him to give him his absolute best because he doesn’t want him to give up at a certain point. The other player gets on Brock’s back, and Brock begins to crawl on all fours up the field blindfolded. He keeps asking, “Am I at the 20 yet? Am I at the 50 yet?” He’s worried about progress while the coach wants him just to do his best without worrying about progress.

I find that I identify with Brock when thinking about God’s promises. I’m looking for benchmarks when God is simply saying, “Just give me your best.” I ask, “Am I there yet? Am I where I should be?” God just smiles and says, “Keep giving me your best. I’ll worry about everything else.” The load gets heavier the longer I go. The blindfold keeps me from seeing that I’ve made much progress. My doubts arise and it makes me want to give up before God’s promise comes true.

Maybe that’s where you are too. You don’t feel like you’ve made progress or aren’t where you’re supposed to be. It may not even feel like God is keeping His promise to you or worse, He’s changed His mind. Let me point you to Numbers 23:19. This is God’s reminder to you, “God is not like people, who lie; He is not a human who changes his mind. Whatever He promises, He does; He speaks, and it is done” (GNT). God’s promise to you is still true. Keep giving Him your absolute best and He will fulfill His promise.

If you want to see what happened to Brock when he gave his best, click here. It’s great motivation to keep going.

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