You Are Powerful

I’ve read how you can re-map what your brain believes by changing what and how you think. When asked why we can’t or won’t do something, we say, “That’s not who I am” or “I’m not wired they way.” We’ve been fed a lie by someone, repeated it to ourselves and others, and believed it until it has become who we are. That same process can be used to undo the damage caused by the lie we believed before. We can become who we are not, by changing what we believe.

If you read the Psalms, you see two versions of David. You see one who is downcast and scared, and you see another who is proclaiming they are strong and mighty. I believe David struggled with the lie that he was just a shepherd boy instead of a king. I believe he heard the voices telling him he belonged in a pasture than on the battlefield, and it created that struggle within him. He wasn’t so different than you or I.

God calls us to do mighty things, but our self doubt kicks in and tells us we can’t. When we allow the words of people to echo in our minds louder than the words of God, we remain stagnant and afraid. That’s the plan of the enemy to immobilize the Church. If he can get us to buy into the belief that we are weak, unworthy, unable, and insecure, then he can keep us from stepping out in faith into our full calling. He uses fear, intimidation, and the power of mind mapping to keep us from our destiny.

I believe David recognized that and that’s why we read so many of his self affirmations in Psalms. He knew that if he repeated God’s truth enough times, he would believe it, and it would become who he was. In Psalm 118:14 he proclaimed a truth each of us need to proclaim as well. He said, “The Lord makes me powerful and strong” (GNT). God has made you more powerful than the enemy. He has made you more powerful than the lie you’ve been told. He has made you powerful enough to become who He has said you are and to accomplish what He has called you to do. 


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2 responses to “You Are Powerful

  1. Sal Barraza

    This is so true. It is interesting. To believe that an old dog can’t learn new tricks. That I’ve seen many times is a lie.
    Thank you for this message. It affirms what I’ve been saying to my family and friends a lot.

    God Bless you.


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