Lasting Victory

When I was a kid, every Sunday morning on the way to church, we would hear Pastor Earl Banning on the radio. The theme song to his radio program was the hymn “Victory in Jesus”. The chorus went, “O victory in Jesus, my savior forever. He sought me and He bought me with His redeeming blood; He loved me ere I knew Him and all my love is due Him. He plunged me to victory beneath the cleansing blood.” I can’t hear that song without it taking me back to those days.

There’s a great truth in that song. Our victory is in Jesus, not just over sin, but our victory in general. I’ve fought many battles in my life. I’ve won a lot of them, but I’ve also lost a lot of them. The ones I lost were the ones where I tried to fight alone. I was either too embarrassed or too prideful to go to God for help. I’ve learned that without God’s help, there’s no lasting victory. He’s the one that gives us strength and victory if we are willing to trust Him with the battle.

Below are several verses in the Bible that remind us that lasting victory comes from God.

1. For the LORD your God is going with you! He will fight for you against your enemies, and he will give you victory!
Deuteronomy 20:4 NLT

2. I praise you, Lord, because you heard me, because you have given me victory.
Psalm 118:21 GNT

3. But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57 AMPC

4. Do your best, prepare for the worst— then trust GOD to bring victory.
Proverbs 21:31 MSG

5. For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.
1 John 5:4 NLT

6. No, in all these things we have complete victory through him who loved us!
Romans 8:37 GNT

7. Only in the Lord shall one say, I have righteousness (salvation and victory) and strength [to achieve]. To Him shall all come who were incensed against Him, and they shall be ashamed.
Isaiah 45:24 AMPC

8. I remind you, my dear children: Your sins are forgiven in Jesus’ name. You veterans were in on the ground floor, and know the One who started all this; you newcomers have won a big victory over the Evil One. And a second reminder, dear children: You know the Father from personal experience. You veterans know the One who started it all; and you newcomers—such vitality and strength! God’s word is so steady in you. Your fellowship with God enables you to gain a victory over the Evil One.
1 John 2:13-14 MSG

9. I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.
Psalms 62:1 NLT

10. The Lord takes pleasure in his people; he honors the humble with victory.
Psalm 149:4 GNT

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