Inadequate And Insecure

I’ve been on a few mission trips where we’ve done construction work. On day one, they like to go around the circle and have each person talk about their skills. One guy says he can build shelving. Another says he’s good at framing. One always says he can do it all. Inevitably it always comes around to me. I like to say, “I’m the best gopher around. If you need nails, I’ll go for them. If you need a certain tool, I’ll go for it.” My skill set makes me feel very inadequate on a construction site. 

Even when it comes to ministry and my calling, I often feel inadequate. I was at a conference of ministers earlier this year. They started off with introductions and sharing all they’re doing. As they went around the table, I began to compare what I do to what they were doing. I sent my wife a text and said, “What am I doing here? I don’t belong. They’re sharing all they’re doing in ministry, and I’ve got nothing.” I was feeling very insecure. 

If you look at where God has you or think of what God has called you too, you’re going to feel inadequate. It’s easy to say, “God, I’m not qualified to do this,” or “God, there are other people who are better at this.” I’m sure David, being a shepherd, felt inadequate in front of all those soldiers when Goliath came out. I’ve learned that God doesn’t always take our skill set and put us where it should fit. He looks at our heart, and puts us where he needs that most.

When I feel inadequate, I take comfort in knowing the apostle Paul felt that way too. In 1 Timothy 1:12, he wrote, “I’m so grateful to Christ Jesus for making me adequate to do this work” (MSG). He understood what we need to learn. It’s God who makes us adequate to do what He’s called us to do. It’s not our skills or anything else. Our inadequacies cause our faith to grow and helps keep pride out. It is not us who do the work. It is Christ through us, and that makes us more than adequate to do anything God asks us to do. 


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4 responses to “Inadequate And Insecure

  1. Michele

    I went going through something like that,
    As a teacher aid I felt less adequate as the teachers.
    I was working as hard as them and had a lot to offer,
    But God is the one who recognizes
    As this new year started, for the first time I was asked to join the teachers
    And then much to my surprise was introduced as a spiritual leader
    and the teachers were told if anyone need spiritual advise to see me.
    In an instance, I was looked at differently
    Praise God
    He gets all the Glory
    I’m here to serve Him
    Thank You Lord!

  2. Chris, this was a perfect post. I’ve felt inadequate since the first time I stepped into a Sunday School class to teach, and behind my first pulpit to sing or preach. Cried through my first song solo, didn’t even get 1 verse completely sung. However, I know God has called me to preach/teach his Word. The field is his choosing, the effort is mine. The success and glory belong to him, because he blesses the effort I put in for him, as I obey through faith. GREAT POST! I’m with you 100% What am I doing…just serving God!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing! I have always loved your preaching. Thank God He doesn’t rely on my abilities or I’d be in trouble. I’m still working on accepting that He can use me. We all have to rely on His ability to make us adequate.

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