Chain Free Living

To demonstrate how difficult it is to accomplish even the easiest tasks while you are bound up, I once tried to preach a sermon with my hands tied behind my back. I wasn’t sure how it would play out, but it proved to be more difficult than I could imagine. My first problem was holding the microphone. Then I needed help turning the pages in my bible. After that, I needed to turn the page in my notes. Finally, I couldn’t use my hands then I spoke, which apparently I do.

So many of us try to do more than speak while we are bound up. We actually try to go through life while we are bound up in depression, addiction, grief, sin, etc. If you’ve been there, you know that even the smallest tasks can prove to be difficult. Go designed you to live a life of freedom. As Paul wrote, “It was for freedom that He set you free.” Jesus also said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

There’s a song called “Chain Breaker” that says, “If you’ve got pain, He’s a pain taker. If you feel lost, He’s a way maker. If you need freedom or saving, He’s a prison-shaking Savior. If you’ve got chains, He’s a chain breaker.” The words to this song remind me that I don’t have to live bound up in my chains. There is no chain so strong that God cannot break it in your life. There is no depression so dark that He can’t bring you out of it. I’ve been in the deep, dark prison of depression and He set me free.

I love reading Psalm 107 because it’s a reminder of what God can do for us. In verse 14 it says, “He brought them out of their gloom and darkness and broke their chains in pieces” (GNT). If you’re bound up by chains today or are in a dark place, call out to God. Ask Him to lead you out of that place and to set you free. I know if He did it in my life, He can do it in yours. It’s time we all got back to living the life of freedom that God created us to live.


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4 responses to “Chain Free Living

  1. Cheryl

    This is so true. Finding myself bound by worrying about what others think. Crazy huh? I normally don’t care.
    I am bold on a one on one situation.
    Just in our new church having difficulty.

    • I don’t think it’s crazy at all. Most of us worry about what others think. I feel your pain about trying to find your voice in a new church. Be patient. In God’s time, He will put you in the right place in there. Pray that God will help you build the right relationships with the right people.

  2. Michele

    Another song comes to mind
    “There is power in the Name of Jesus
    to break every chain, break every chain, to break every chain.

    Every….meaning more then one
    Trust….and believe it….He will break every chain

    And let us not forget to THANK HIM!

    One more thought
    Let us not worry or be concerned what others think or say of us
    Let us just be concerned what GOD says about us
    and He says He Loves Us


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