Nothing Is Impossible

The Christmas story is full of God doing the impossible. Mary became pregnant while she was still a virgin. Even as I type that, my mind thinks of how Impossible that was. Then, the fact that her fiancé stayed with her was a miracle. Can you imagine his predicament? He knew just how impossible it was for her to be pregnant, but he believed the angel just like Mary did. I’m sure he knew the prophesy Of God giving them a sign of a virgin conceiving.

Then, when it was time to give birth, finding a place to stay and have the baby proved impossible. They went from family member to family member, then from hotel to hotel looking for a place to stay. I’m sure they prayed for God to do the impossible and find them a place to stay. God answered their prayers in an odd way. His answer put them in a barn for the hotel rather than in the hotel itself. Nevertheless, God did the impossible.

God then placed a star in the sky where Jesus was born. Some kings from the east saw it, and left their kingdoms to come celebrate the birth of another king. There was no radio, no TV, no internet or anything else to tell them about this king. They simply followed a star. How many of us would drop everything we are doing to follow a star? Yet these men did, and 5hey were so sure that a king had been born that they brought gifts for Him.

Yes, the Christmas story is full of God doing the impossible. It’s His way of reminding you and i that there is nothing we face that He can’t resolve. The angel in Luke 1:37 said it best, “For there is nothing that God cannot do” (GNT). God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If He did the impossible back then, He’s still doing it today and will keep doing it tomorrow. I believe God delights in doing the impossible just to show us He hears us and loves us. Don’t be afraid to ask God to do the impossible. He’s pretty good at making it happen.


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  1. Michele

    All my favorite scriptures!

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