Jesus Revealed

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If you’ve followed my devotions for a while, you know that there was a period in my life of nearly a year where the bottom kept failing out from underneath me. Some of it was due to my own failures and sins, and other parts just felt like everything was piling on top of me. During that period, God course corrected my life. He also brought people into my life who would speak to me for Him since I was unable or unwilling to hear Him. By the time the storm ended, I knew more about God than I ever had, and I had been in church every time the doors were open since I had been born. I found the depth of His grace was deeper than my sin, the joy He could give me was greater than any pain I had experienced and His strength was more than enough in my weakness.

In Luke 8, Jesus was traveling all over Israel with His message. He had already been baptized with God audibly speaking for all to hear. He had raised a dead boy to life and healed countless sick people. The disciples had caught a boat load of fish by casting their net on the other side and had been following Him everywhere He went. So when He told them to get in the boat to travel to the other side, they didn’t think anything of it, at least until the storm came. They panicked and did all they could to keep the boat upright. Finally someone noticed Jesus was missing. They found Him sleeping in the hull, woke Him up and asked if even cared that they were about to die. He got up, rebuked the wind and the storm stopped. Luke 8:25 says, “Then Jesus said to them, ‘Why are you fearful? Have you lost your faith in me?’ Shocked and shaken, they said with amazement to one another, ‘Who is this man who has authority over winds and waves that they obey him?’” (TPT)

We can look in disdain at the disciples for doubting who Jesus is. It’s easy for us to do as we sit in a dry house and read the story, but I believe there’s something in their question for us. When God takes you through a storm, He reveals more of who He is to us. The disciples didn’t blame Him for the storm. They went to Him for help in it, and He revealed that He didn’t just have the power to heal the sick or raise the dead. He showed them that even creation is under His authority. You and I can never know God fully in these bodies. We can’t handle it so He reveals Himself to us in ways that change the lenses through hutch we see Him. He allows things to happen to bring us closer to Him so we can know Him more. It may be fearful or painful at the time, but the end result is to reveal to you parts of His nature that we’re previously unknown to you. If you’re in the storm, quit fighting it yourself. Go to Jesus the way the disciples did and look for Him to reveal Himself to you through it.

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