A Teachable Heart

Sometimes before I train a class, a boss will reach out to me to warn me of someone that will be in class. I can usually spot them when they walk in. They typically sit in a place where they can be seen and heard. They make noises and sigh loudly. They have their arms crossed and will even challenge me in front of the others. People like this feel like training is a waste of their time. They know it all already. Their arms are folded because they’re closed off to anything you try to teach them. They won’t be ignored either. If they’re miserable being their, they make it their goal to make everyone else in the room miserable. Having an unteachable spirit is a sad thing to me. The moment we fail to be open to learning is the moment our growth stops.

The Bible has its share of know it alls, but there are more examples of people who are humble enough to admit they don’t know everything. They’re the ones whom God used in some pretty incredible ways. David was one such person. He was constantly open to learning and hearing from God. I wonder if that’s what made him a person after God’s own heart. He was humble enough to admit he didn’t know it all and that he didn’t have the proper education in the scriptures since he was raised as a shepherd. He was constantly praying, “Teach me your ways, show me your ways or lead me into your truths.” He knew that being teachable and having an understanding of God’s Word were the keys to his success as a leader.

Psalm 199 happens to be the longest chapter in the Bible. It also happens to be full of these prayers. One such prayer is found in verse 125. It says, “I am Your servant; give me understanding [the ability to learn and a teachable heart] That I may know Your testimonies” (AMP). He recognized his place as God’s servant first. Then he asked for the ability to understand and learn, along with having a teachable heart. These are the things that each of us need. I’m constantly praying a prayer like this. I daily ask God to open up my understanding of His Word and to show me things I’ve never seen before. When we approach God in this manner, and with this attitude, the Bible becomes alive and God reveals it to us like never before.

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2 responses to “A Teachable Heart

  1. “Teach me, O Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness. Give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name” Psalm 86:11 NIV

    Asking God to teach me His ways feels a lot like inviting Him to search my heart. An anxious thought, no doubt, but necessary.

    Thank you for the reminder, pastor Chris.
    Go with God today. I will do the same. Blessings!

    • It’s definitely an anxious thought. He already knows what’s in there, but giving Him the freedom to search it opens us up to growth. We should always be asking God to teach us new things.

      Have a great day!

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