Refined By Fire

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4 responses to “Refined By Fire

  1. Going through the fire with God is a harrowing experience, but on the other side is greatness. Once the dross is removed, God’s glory shines through us all the brighter.

    I enjoy your videos. They are professional quality. I need to check out the Adobe Spark software, as I would like to make some videos myself. But I have a pretty strong Okie twang accent. Time to skim off the dross!

    • If only we would endure the fire long enough to let Him remove the dross. So often we’re trying to jump out of the fire before His work is done.

      Thanks for the compliment. I’ve used Adobe Spark Video for years. It’s free if I remember right. It searches for free pictures and offers free music too. If you’ve purchased music, it can use that too or import your own photos. I’ve purchased a $25 lapel mic from Amazon that I use. It doesn’t hide the Texas accent either 😉. I’m thinking of paying a little extra to remove their logo and put my own on there.

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