Quit Fighting God

God doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes to get our attention. I’ve seen it in my life and in the lives of others. If we choose to ignore Him and do our own thing, He will make sure to correct our course. The more we refuse to listen, the more difficult things can get or the more spectacular God shows off to change our mind. I personally took the road of pain and loss until I finally gave in. Every time I thought I had hit rock bottom, the bottom would fall out from under me. That kept happening until I decided to stop doing what I wanted in my life and instead chose what He wanted. It was painful then, but looking back I’m glad He didn’t give up on me and that He kept pursuing me.

Jonah was a man who was called by God to get an entire city to repent and change their ways. Most preachers would salivate at that opportunity, but not Jonah. He didn’t like the city or its people. He didn’t mind if God destroyed them, so he headed in the opposite direction on a ship. They were soon met with a storm so great that the boat was going to come apart and everyone on board would die. Jonah confessed he was the reason and asked them to throw him overboard. He was probably thinking death was better than preaching in Nineveh. However, God’s plan would still prevail. He sent a large fish to swallow Jonah. As he sat in the darkness contemplating his choices, he decided to repent and agree to do what God had asked. The whole city of Nineveh repented.

Proverbs 19:21 says, “A person may have many ideas concerning God’s plan for his life, but only the designs of God’s purpose will succeed in the end” (TPT). What ways has God used to get your attention? Are you still trying to do it your way? There are many times when our will for our life conflicts with God’s, but in the end, His will will prevail. The Bible is full of people and nations who have tried to do things their way instead of God’s. We can choose to learn from their lives or from however God chooses to bring us back around to His will. You were created with a purpose and a plan. If you’re not sure what that is yet, ask God to reveal it to you. If you know it and have been stalling or running from it, expect God to help you get back on course using any means necessary.

Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash


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  1. Thank you God for being patient with me

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