Testimony Night

I miss testimony nights at church. When I was growing up, at least one Sunday night a month, we would have testimony night. People would line up waiting to tell, what God had done for them. There was always one lady who would get up and say the same thing each time. Sometimes kids would get up there and freeze when it was their turn, but there were always people who called out specific things God had done for them. On those nights, we left church with our faith boosted because we knew God had answered prayers for people we knew. Those services were a way to remember what God had done in the lives of people.

I think that’s why the Psalms resonate with so many of us. They’re prayer requests and testimonies of God’s faithfulness. A read through them is like going to testimony night. David, and the other authors, were so good at calling out all God had done for them. Sometimes they would write about the faithfulness of God from the times of old. Men and women would build altars to God as a way to honor Him and to remember what He had done for them so that future generations would know. Even the Passover meal that is still celebrated today is a way to look back and remember what God did.

Exodus 13:14 says, “And in the future, your children will ask you, ‘What does all this mean?’ Then you will tell them, ‘With the power of his mighty hand, the Lord brought us out of Egypt, the place of our slavery’” (NLT). Future generations need to know about God’s faithfulness to you. What are you doing to record it or remember it for yourself? Keep a journal, write them an email or record a video of it, but do something that tells of the goodness of God. Be specific about what He’s done for you, the prayers He’s answered and the dreams He’s fulfilled. We don’t build altars anymore, nor do we have testimony night. We need to do something to create reminders for ourselves and future generations that God answers prayers and is actively involved in our lives.

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4 responses to “Testimony Night

  1. I grew up in a little Southern Baptist church that held a testimony night about once a month. It was always a wonderful time, because even the teenagers were allowed to speak. We had an older deacon, Brother Orville, who was a man of few words but often shared his wisdom. I remember more that was said at testimony nights than all the sermons of my youth!

  2. Our Pastor encourages testimonies and some Sunday’s, he will open up the floor for people to testify. You are right Chris, it builds faith and is such an encouragement when we tell of the things God has done. My friend has recently been healed of Cancer. It has been wonderful to hear her testimony of God’s faithfulness and healing in her life. Our blogs are such a great opportunity and tool to testify of God. You’re right. We need to do more of it. Let us tell of His Wonders and Grace. Bless you for this encouragement.

    • Thank you for sharing that testimony. I’m glad to hear some churches are still practicing this. Keep testifying through your blog. We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

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