Disagreeing Believers

As I was walking into a store the other day, I heard a man in the parking lot talking on the phone by his car. I don’t know who he was talking to, but I heard him say, “I’ve got the Holy Ghost. He’s got the Holy Ghost, but we just can’t get along.” I almost stopped, but it was none of my business. As I walked through the store, I kept thinking about what he said. There are people all of us come into contact with that we’re not going to get along with. That’s ok. However, how you handle it is very important when you’re a Christian, and especially when you’re both Christians.

In Acts 15, two of the greatest missionaries of the Early Church had a disagreement. Mark went on the first trip, but shortly thereafter decided he wanted to go home. When it came time for the second trip, Mark wanted to go again. Paul opposed it, but Barnabas felt he deserved a second chance. Their difference of opinion was very strong and irreconcilable. Instead of destroying each other in the process, the decided to split up and go separate ways. Because they handled it the right way, both were able to do incredible ministry and even more people came to know Jesus. Years later, Paul asked for Mark to be brought to him because he was useful in the ministry.

Ephesians 4:3 says, “Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace” (NLT). As Paul, Barnabas and Mark worked together trying to stay united in the Spirit, so should we. It’s not ok to devalue another believer when we have a disagreement. We are united in the Spirit and are a part of the same body. The Bible included this disagreement to show us that we can part ways without destroying each other in the process and to be able to lead effective ministries. Do your part in these circumstances to keep the harmony and to not allow your flesh to get in the way or take over. Instead, let God’s love seek the best for each other and the situation understanding that both sides are valued by God and are useful to Him.

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6 responses to “Disagreeing Believers

  1. Sometimes we must rely on God to bring healing to difficult relationships.

  2. We can always find a good reason why we shouldn’t give some people another chance, but the cross of Jesus always gives us a reason why we must!

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