Feeling Loved

Have you ever felt unloved? It’s a tough place to be in. I believe feeling loved is one of our basic needs. When we’ve been rejected and feel unloved, we begin to shut down and withdrawal. I’ve been in that place before wondering what was wrong with me. I’ve read where there was an experiment with babies. The nurses gave love and attention to half the newborns in the experiment and only gave milk to the others. The ones who were loved thrived and were healthy. The ones who weren’t became sick and some died. There is an innate need for love in all of us. It’s important to know where to get that need filled as well.

In Daniel 10, he was given his final vision. In it he saw a man standing near a river who he describes as so powerful his strength left his body. This being lifted him up and said, “Daniel, God loves you. Stand up and listen carefully to what I am going to say. I have been sent to you” (GNT). It’s incredible that his first words were to remind Daniel that he was loved. Daniel again felt weak as the angel spoke to him. Verse 19 says the angel came over and said, “‘God loves you, so don’t let anything worry you or frighten you.’ When he had said this, I felt even stronger and said, ‘Sir, tell me what you have to say. You have made me feel better.’”

Feeling loved changes everything and gives us strength. I want you to know today that God loves you. It is a deeper, more complete love than you could ever feel or receive from another person. When we’re feeling unloved, and even unlovable, we need to remind ourselves that God loves us despite how far we’ve run or even what we’ve done. His love for us isn’t based on anything we’ve done or will do. He loves you simply because He created you and you’re His child. You need to let that sink into your spirit and mind today. I’m linking a song by Jon Gibson that is catchy and will play over and over in your mind to remind you that God loves you. If you’re struggling with feeling loved today, listen to it and let it saturate your mind and spirit.

Photo by Alexei Maridashvili on Unsplash


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4 responses to “Feeling Loved

  1. When your world is falling apart around you…reach out to Jesus to pull you from the rubble!

  2. Toma Thomas

    Aww…Chris❣️ I LOVE this song!!! Hadn’t heard it or thought about it for 25 or 30 years😯!!!!
    I played it & danced to it a million times, I think‼️Great praise & worship song🙌🎶….
    THANK YOU🤗, for the devotion & reminder of God’s unfathomable LOVE … HALLELUJAH 🙏

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