A Limitless Life

They say there are four things you can never take back: the stone after it’s thrown, the moment after it’s missed, the time after it’s gone and the word after it’s spoken. There are many things in life you can undo, but words spoken in anger or in the heat of the moment usually hit their intended target and do damage beyond repair. Words can be powerful weapons that destroy or they can bring life to someone. It’s amazing how much they can affect us.

I was training a sales psychology class where we looked at reluctances and self limitations of people. As we went through them one by one, the test showed that a person in my class was afraid to admit he was in sales. He had made a good living at it, but in that moment, a lightbulb went off. He said, “I know why that’s there. A few years ago, my mom asked, ‘When are you going to get a real job?’” Her words echoed in his subconscious and were affecting his ability to make money.

Those words were spoken only once and in a passing moment, but they stuck and limited him. Each of us have words that were spoken to us somewhere along the line that are limiting our ability to love ourself, to make more money, to love certain people, to see our own potential or to have a higher self esteem. Those words float around in the back of our mind, and keep us from so much. We need to set ourselves free from their power and quit letting them hold us back.

Along the same lines, we need to learn to speak the right words to ourself and to others. In Psalm 141:3, there is a prayer we all need to pray. It says, “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips” (NLT). Whether it’s words you are telling yourself or to others, give control of what you say to God. Let Him be your filter so you can live a limitless life, and allow others to do the same. You can never get your words back, so choose wisely.

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4 responses to “A Limitless Life

  1. This is so true, Chris. I’ve had a little experience with conflict at work. As long as it stays constructive, and doesn’t turn personal, it’s manageable and helpful. However, accusatory behavior drains the emotional bank accounts of co-workers in a hurry! This is why it’s important to keep work relationships mostly positive, and as respectful as possible. Your posts are always helpful and informative, brother. Thank you, and God Bless.

  2. Your words have me rethinking many things I have said to or heard from others.

    Father God,

    Show me today if there are words that I need to “take back” ( apologize for and ask “How can I make it right”).


    For the hurtful words spoken to/about me may I release that pain to you, forgive and move on in love.


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