Being A Disciple

My wife was flipping through some Instagram stories and reels when she came across a young couple who had just landed in Rome. They showed their travel and continued by showing themselves getting a rental. They were so excited to show off the car, but while they were recording, they noticed it was a stick shift. She asked him if he knew how to drive one. He said, “No, but I’ll Google it real quick.” That got my attention. The girl said, “Keep following us as our adventure continues while he learns to drive stick shift through Rome.” The next part of their story was just text. It said, “We couldn’t do it. We kept stalling and causing traffic in Rome. We had to return the car and get an automatic.” If you drive a stick shift, you knew that was coming because you can’t learn somethings from Google. You need to be taught by a person.

Early on in Jesus’ ministry, He sat down in the synagogues to teach. They often were amazed at His grasp of Scriptures, but it wouldn’t be long before they got mad at Him. He then called twelve men who were willing to be discipled in God’s Word. Those men then discipled others as well. In Paul’s letters to the churches, we see where he did the same thing to show us a pattern of how to grow and mature in the faith. A good part of it is studying the Scriptures yourself, but the rest is done through submitting to learning from another person. In fact, the Greek word the New Testament uses for disciple means to learn and historically is between a teacher and pupil.

2 Timothy 2:2 says, “The things [the doctrine, the precepts, the admonitions, the sum of my ministry] which you have heard me teach in the presence of many witnesses, entrust [as a treasure] to reliable and faithful men who will also be capable and qualified to teach others” (AMP). You can’t Google or study your way into a deeper relationship with God. You need to be discipled and mentored. It’s important that you find a Paul that you can talk to, ask questions of and learn from so you can better understand and apply God’s Word. You should also find yourself a timothy whom you can teach and lead. Being a disciple is what you and I are called to be and to make. If you want to experience more of what God has for you, follow this pattern of discipleship.

Photo by Meredith Spencer on Unsplash


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4 responses to “Being A Disciple

  1. I like it, Chris. There are some things you just can’t learn via Google. Growing in Christ requires person-to-person interaction.

  2. Love it ❤️
    There are definitely certain things you need to experience first hand, especially coming to know God, His presence, His workings, His teaching in our lives. Everything is so foreign and abstract in life until you get to know Him on a personal level. It is then one will come to know true peace and unconditional love.

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