The Power Of Praise

When I was a young kid, The Imperials released a song called, “Praise The Lord”. Their lead vocalist at the time was Russ Taff who had an incredible voice. To this day, this song is one of my all time favorites. The first verse and chorus say, “When you’re up against a struggle / That shatters all your dreams/ And your hopes have been cruelly crushed / By Satan’s manifested schemes / And you feel the urge within you / To submit to earthly fears / Don’t let the faith you’re standing in / Seem to disappear / Praise the Lord / He can work through those who praise Him / Praise the Lord / For our God inhabits praise / Praise the Lord / For the chains that seems to bind you / Serve only to remind you / That they drop powerless behind you / When you praise Him.”

When David was a teenager, King Saul would have him come in and play his harp to the Lord each time he was stressed or oppressed by an evil spirit. When David would play, the spirit would leave. David saw that as a teen and learned the power of praise. He began to write down his songs which combined with other praises to God became known as the book of Psalms. We now read them as poetry, but they were set to music. Even without their original tunes, they still release the power of praise when we read them. They speak to the very soul of each one of us because we have a need to praise God whether times are good or bad.

Psalm 147:1 and 3 says, “Praise the Lord! It is good to sing praise to our God; it is pleasant and right to praise him. He heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds” (GNT). It’s always good and right to praise the Lord. It has the power to break your chains, to lift you out of the situation you’re standing in and to usher you into God’s presence. Take time today to get alone, whether in your car, your home or wherever, and sing praises to God. It will lift your spirit and change your perspective. When we magnify Him instead of our problems, things get put in their proper place. Praise is a tool that God has given you to combat the enemy and fortify your spirit at the same time. Don’t underestimate the power of praise.

Here is the link to The Imperials song “Praise The Lord” if you’d like to hear it.

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8 responses to “The Power Of Praise

  1. I know from personal experience that what you write here is true Chris; I remember times when I have been upset and turned to God in praise, He lifted me out of the miry clay each time. Thank you for sharing this brother, God bless you today 🙏

  2. I remember that song! By the way, I ran into Russ Taft one time in a Cracker Barrel. I said, “you look like someone famous.” He said, “Yes, my name is Carmen—“ referring to another Christian singer who is better looking but can’t sing like him. We talked for a few minutes. The guy was so down to earth.

  3. Cheryl

    Yes we should be praising the Lord all day.
    Thank you for this great reminder.

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