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Beautiful Feet

When most people think of feet, “beautiful” is not a word that comes to their mind. In the Middle East, feet are used to convey negative emotions rather than positive ones. The Bible discusses feet in that context over and over. In Genesis, it implies that we will bruise the enemies head with our heel. Jesus told the disciples to shake the dust off their feet when people wouldn’t receive the Good News. It was a really big deal that Jesus washed feet. By holding them up to wash them, He was teaching the disciples to be lowly servant leaders.

In light of all that, it is significant that in Isaiah 52, God called feet beautiful. If you think that doesn’t compute with us, imagine the significance to that culture. Verse seven says, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” (NLT). God took what was once used to insult someone and showed how it could be used positively.

We all know that the Great Commission is to go into all the world, to carry the good news of salvation to every tribe, tongue, and people. God sees it as a beautiful thing when we obey His command and share our faith. You were never meant to keep it inside of you or to yourself. Your feet were meant to help you carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I like how Bob Goff says that if you don’t know where to go, grab a globe, spin it, and put your finger down. You’ve already been called to go. God will bless you when you follow His command.

If you want these “beautiful feet”, then go into the world spreading the Gospel. I understand that some of us can’t physically go, but there are still a couple of ways to have beautiful feet. We can all pray for those who go and live apart from family and friends, and give up the comforts of a familiar place called home. The other is that each of us can support those who go. No gift is too small for those who live and serve on the mission field. The money you sow into their ministry will yield a harvest of souls that you will be a part of. Each of us can have beautiful feet in God’s sight.

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Reflection And Purpose

At the end of each year, I like to reflect on where I started the year, all that happened in the year and then ask myself if I accomplished all that God had for me in that year. Reflection is as much about looking forward as it is looking back. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate the victories God has given us, to see whom God brought into our lives or took out and to see where we have fallen short of our goals. I think it’s important for each person to ask themselves, “Did I do things this year that moved me closer or farther away from God’s plan? Did I accomplish the things He wanted me to do?”

I believe God has a plan for each one of us (Jeremiah 29:11). We all have different talents and gifts that God has given us (I Corinthians 12:7). The question is, do you know what gifts God has given you and are you using them for His purpose? Have you found out how they fit into His plan for your life? You were put on this earth for a purpose. Your life matters to God and to others. A big source of dissatisfaction is not doing what you were made to do.

If you don’t know yet what you were made to do, ask yourself, “When do I feel the most alive? What brings me the most joy?” Contrary to what you might think, God doesn’t ask us to do the things we hate. You are most productive when you are doing what you love. God understands that so He typically asks us to do the things that we love. He just wants us to use them for His glory, not ours. He wants to use us to grow the Kingdom and to encourage others using the gifts He has given you. He’s put something in each of us. It’s our responsibility to find out what it is.

Bob Goff, who is one of my favorite authors, often tells people, “Find out what God made you to do, then go out and do a bunch of that.” It sounds simple enough, but the finding out is the hard part for so many. God did not create us to arrive safely at death. He created us to go out and do. When you get out and do things, there’s going to be wrecks, scars, bumps and bruises. That’s ok. It’s in those times that life is happening. It’s in those things that we define our purpose and find out reason to do more. We shouldn’t let them sideline us. We should let them push us to do more.

I don’t know what gifts God put inside of you. I just know they’re unique to you. I don’t know what God’s plan is for your life. I just know it’s part of a larger plan and your role is critical to the overall success of His greater plan. It’s up to each one of us to reflect on where we’ve been to see where we’re going. It’s up to each one of us to find that thing that brings us joy and then to figure out how to use that for God’s purpose. For me, asking myself the tough questions during a time of reflection gives me the ability to move forward and to do more. I hope you make your greatest impact for the Kingdom in the coming year.


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Love Does

I used to think Bob Goff was my least favorite speaker. Now I know He is someone who leaks Jesus any way he can.

My first impression of Bob wasn’t great. I was at Catalyst and he wasn’t anything like the other speakers who happened to all be preachers. To say he was different was an understatement. After he spoke, my two friends who went with me couldn’t stop raving about him. I just smiled and nodded along wondering what they saw or heard that got them so fired up. I saw a guy on stage with balloons and a funny laugh. They saw what I couldn’t.

It wasn’t until I started reading his book “Love Does” that I began to see Bob Goff for who he is. In this book, you will find story after story of some amazing things that you can experience when you see your normal interactions as an opportunity to say “yes” and show God’s love to someone else. All of a sudden, the life you’ve been living looks boring and the life God called us to live is anything but boring.

I took my time reading this book even though I could have read it in a day. I took my time trying to not just listen to the stories, but to learn the lessons hidden throughout. I mainly read it while on a plane flying from one city to another. I’m sure the people around me felt I had schizophrenia because at times I would bust out laughing. Then a few minutes later, I would have tears rolling down my cheeks as I was humbled.

“Love Does” is an amazing read that takes your perceptions and challenges them. It has caused me to question many things that I’ve perceived as standard ways to do things and shown them in a new light by looking at how Jesus responded in those situations. If Jesus acted a certain way, why should we act any differently? Bob shows how love changes everything. How when we leak Jesus, it has an everlasting effect on others.

One of my favorite chapters is how he got into law school. Oh yeah, he’s a lawyer, not a preacher. Maybe that’s why he stood out at Catalyst! I love the story of September 11th with his kids and the incredible journey that followed just by asking a dad question. There is a story of a stranger wanting to use his backyard to get engaged that ended with the Coast Guard getting involved. Another of my favorites was the story of how a practical joke of leaving $400 room service bill for a friend ended up changing who the Consul for Uganda was.

This book is filled with incredible stories written by an incredible man. This book makes me want to live better stories and the best part is that all I have to do is say “yes” when opportunities arise. The love Jesus showed wasn’t just with His words. It was shown in His actions. Our actions should show that same love to others whether it’s a stranger or a friend. We need to get off the tracks of life that go in a circle, spin a globe, put our finger down and begin an adventure that is planned by God, not us.

I’ve never personally met Bob, but I plan to. I may have to take a trip to his office on Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland or just find an event where he is speaking. He, like his book, is not what you expect. I had a prepackaged idea of what to expect from a speaker at Catalyst and what a book called “Love does” was all about. I was happily wrong about both. Do yourself a favor and buy this book here. You’ll be helping educate children in Uganda if you do.


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