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Being Teachable

One of the things I’ve learned is that if you’re going to grow, you must be teachable. People who think they know it all have placed a lid on their growth. The ones who are humble enough to realize they don’t know what they don’t know are often the people who ask questions that seek understanding. They want to learn more so they can get better at something. They seek out people who know more than they do in the area they want to grow in, ask questions and then apply what they’ve learned. Application is a huge part of growth. It’s what takes the knowledge you’ve been given and does something with it. If you’ve been taught something new and don’t do anything with it or change how you do things, then you may not be as teachable as you thought.

Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament, was a serious scholar. He had one of the brightest teachers who poured everything into his students. Even though he had all that knowledge and was very strict in obeying the Law, he was missing the point. Jesus met him on the way to Damascus to show him His will for him. Paul spent the next several years relearning everything in the Scriptures with his new perspective. Once he understood what God wanted him to do, he did it faithfully until he died. He served God with complete devotion, and wrote letters to the churches of that day explaining the Scriptures and helping them follow Jesus with the same devotion.

In Psalm 86:11 David prayed, “Teach me, Lord, what you want me to do, and I will obey you faithfully; teach me to serve you with complete devotion” (GNT). It’s a prayer each of us should pray as we seek to grow and follow Jesus more closely. Like Paul, God will reveal to us His will and give us understanding of Scriptures. He wants us to know His will for our lives so we can obey Him and fulfill our purpose. It starts with us being teachable and asking Him to show us. Just like before, knowledge is great, but growth happens in the application and obedience. Both David and Paul were people like you and me. They had flaws and failures, but what sets them apart from most is that they were always seeking to know more of what they didn’t know about God and how to serve Him more faithfully. I believe their teachability is why God revealed so much to them and why God used them to write so much of the Bible. Imagine what God could do through you if you were that teachable.

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Knowing The Will Of God

Whether it’s to change jobs, buy a car, move, decide on where the kids will go to school or stay put, we want to know the will of God. Somehow, it seems elusive or we are afraid to make the wrong decision, so we don’t do anything. Other times, we feel like we know what God wants us to do, then we step out and do it only to fall flat on our face. Most believers want to know the will of God for their decisions, but struggle with knowing His will. Romans 12:2 says, “,,,But let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. (NLT)”

The first thing we have to do in order to know the will of God is to allow Him to transform our minds by changing how we think. The Amplified version says we are to be changed by the entire renewal of our mind, by its new ideals and new attitude. The first question to ask is, “Have I let God have control of my mind in order to transform me?” If we don’t allow Him to change us by the transformation of our mind, it will be very difficult to know the will of God. Surrender of our inner voice is key here.

If you haven’t allowed God to transform your mind or you are in the process of doing that and you still want to know, you can use Gideon’s method to know God’s will. In Judges 6:36-40, Gideon wanted to be sure God called him to save Israel. As he prayed, he laird a wool mat outside and said, “If dew is on this fleece only and the floor is dry, then I will know.” It happened. In case it was a fluke, he did it the second night only opposite, the dew was on the floor and the fleece was dry. If you want to be sure what God’s will is, ask for Him to show you in a way that you will know it is something only He can do. When I buy a car, I ask for it to be below a certain price, a certain interest rate over a certain period of time. If two out of three are met, I don’t do it.

Another way to know God’s will is found in Colossians 3:15. It says, “The peace that Christ gives is to guide you in the decisions you make…(GNT)” When all else fails, ask for peace. If there is peace, let it guide you into the decision. If there is no peace, let it take you away. I often pray, “God, if this is your will, I pray that you would give me peace. If it isn’t your will, give me unrest and uneasiness.” Another scripture tells us that God gives peace that passes understanding. God’s will is often frightening to us, but we can have His peace in knowing that’s what He wants from us. Let His peace be your guide. 

My final thought on finding the will of God is this: Let His will overpower yours. When God says, “No” when we were hoping for a “Yes”, it’s ok. It simply means there is another avenue or path that we can’t see or God may want us to walk down the hard path to build our faith. When it comes to God’s will, His “No” is as good as His “Yes” because it is His will. You may not like it or understand it, but when you let it overpower your will, you will find that peace you’ve been looking for. You will know that you are in God’s will no matter how bad things might get. Having that assurance will help you to carry out His will in your life no matter how the enemy attacks you. Knowing the will of God can be tough, but it can be done.

What are things you do to help you know the will of God?


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