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Readjusting Your Course

Every time I fly, I think about a friend of mine who is a pilot. I’ve asked him many questions about the process of flying and what it’s like to be in the cabin. I’ve even questioned him about autopilot. He told me that before a flight, he plots the course based off of information he gets from others who are flying that route. Once the plane is in the air and cruising, he turns on autopilot. I wondered if it was really that easy. He then explained that at the cruising altitude, the winds can blow us off course and he has to readjust to get the plane back on course. If he doesn’t, the plane could arrive miles from its destination.

Our walk with God is a lot like that. We love to set our lives to autopilot and think that will get us directly to Heaven, but the Christian life is more than autopilot. In order to be successful at living this life, we need to have people in our lives who are ahead of us and have walked the path we are on. We need to listen to the information they’re giving us because they’ve seen first hand where turbulence lies. It’s important to have people in our lives who can give us guidance and the information we need to make the right decisions. Proverbs 13:20 tells us that if we want to be wise, we need to be around wise people.

The next thing we have to do is be aware of how the winds of life shift us from our course. Things happen. Problems are going to arise. We need to be in a constant state of questioning if we are still on course for where God has us headed. Reevaluation is an important part of your Christian life. Asking if we are where God wants us when God wants us to be there is important. Are we still on the path that God put us on? That path is hard to see sometimes. We need to have God’s Word in our hearts. Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

Applying God’s word to your life and taking advice from others will help you to live the most impactful Christian life you can. When we know what God says in His Word, we are able to defeat temptation that would take us off course. If we do get knocked off course, it’s not the end of the world. God offers forgiveness and course corrections. He makes a way to get back to where He had us heading. Don’t quit because you’ve been blown off course. Take the advice of someone who has been blown off course and been given a path back. God will not abandon you or the plans He has for you no matter how far off course you get. There’s always a way back.

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Throwback Thursday is a feature I’m using to help build some margin into my schedule to pursue other writing ventures. Each Thursday I’ll be bringing you a previously written devotional that still speaks encouragement to us from God’s Word.


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This Year’s Halftime

Today is the first day of the second half of this year. We reached the midpoint of the year sometime yesterday. I think it’s good to stop and reflect on the first half of this year before going into the second half. There are several questions I like to ask myself. Am I where I thought I’d be at this point in the year? If not, what course corrections do I need to make to get to where I want to be by the end of the year? What unforeseen events have happened so far that changed things in my life?

I believe in planning. I believe in setting goals for yourself, both physically, mentally and spiritually. In January, I decided that my personal spiritual goal this year was that Christ would increase in me and that I would decrease. There are areas where I have seen Christ increase in my life this year, but there are still a lot of areas where I’m not seeing the progress that I want to see. That’s where today fits in.

Just like in most major sports, there’s a half time. It’s a time to reflect on how things are going and what changes need to be made. It’s a time to be honest with yourself and God in where you are. I know I’ll never get to perfection, but that shouldn’t keep me from pushing towards it. Paul said, “I don’t mean to say that I have already reached perfection. But I press on to possess that perfection.” Paul understood the importance of understanding where he was and where he wanted to be.

He knew he wasn’t perfect or going to be, but he still pressed on for it. The next couple of verses in Philippians 3 give us more insight into his thinking. The next step is to forget the past and look forward to the future. You can’t change what’s happened so far this year. It happened. What I can do is learn from it, put it behind me and make a course correction with that in mind. I still have to move forward in Christ.

If you’re reading this, life has thrown you some curve balls this year. Chances are, you aren’t where you thought you’d be. That’s ok. You’re right where Christ knew you’d be. What’s happened in your life that has lead you to this point did not catch God by surprise. He’s built it into the plan for your life and who He is forming you to be. You may not be where you want to be, but that’s ok as long as you’re where He wants you to be.

I’ve dealt with set backs. I’ve lived through failures. I’ve watched as my plan for my life got thrown in the trash and burned. I’ve fallen down and tripped in places I never thought I would. I got up, dusted myself off, learned from my past and prayerfully created a new plan with God’s help. Does that mean those things won’t happen again? I’m sure they will, but now I know to keep pressing forward when things don’t happen the way I want them to. I know that my life is in God’s hands. He sees my tomorrow and knows what I need to go through today in order to be the person who can endure what’s coming.

How about you? Have your plans been ripped up and thrown away? Has your life veered off course? Did you envision your life differently than it’s turned out? It’s half time. Get your second wind, listen to what Hod has to say to you about the course corrections He wants you to make, pick your head up and get back out there. Keep pressing for the mark for that high calling in Christ. He will give you the strength you need to finish the second half of this year right where He wants you.


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