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Daily challenges

Have you every stopped at the end of a day and wondered where it went? You look back on it and weren’t able to accomplish what you wanted to, but at the same time, can’t explain what you did that kept you from doing it. Those days happen to each of us (some of us more than others). It can be the result of a lack of planning or a lack of execution of our tasks.

Each day only has 1440 minutes in it. That’s the amount of opportunity we have to make a difference in someone else’s life every day. There are plenty of opportunities in each of our lives to be that difference to someone else, but often we are too busy to stop and help them. We may not want to get tied down or slowed down, so we tell ourselves someone else will stop and help them.

In Romans 12:9, Paul gives us 3 things we can do daily as Christians.

1. Love others

People all around you need love. They don’t just need to be told you love them, they need to be shown love. There is no greater expression of that love than giving them some of your 1440 minutes. When you part from the path you planned for that day to help someone in need or to show them you love them, it makes a huge difference to them.

I love how the New Living Translation puts it. It says, “Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them.” People can tell the difference between fake and real love. Jesus showed real love. He often stopped what He was doing to spend time with people the church leaders would stay away from. Why? Because He knew they needed His love. Not a fake love, but real love. What He gave them was His time and His ear. In turn, their lives changed.

2. Hate what is wrong

Every day we are exposed to the evil of this world, but what do we do about it? On June 5, 2008, a man in New York was hit by a car while he was crossing the road. Cars slowed down to look at him as he lie there, but no one stopped and got out. People on the sidewalk watched, walked to the edge of the sidewalk, looked at him and then kept walking.

It’s easy to be angry at that, but would you or I have moved on just like the others? Every day, we see people laying in the road of life who have been hit by circumstances. Do we stop to offer help or pass by on the other side of the road. In the story of the Good Samaritan, the same thing happened. A priest and a temple assistant passed by without helping. Do not get so caught up in doing God’s work that you don’t help others because that is His work.

3. Hold on to good

Let go of the negative things in your life that weigh you down. Bad things have happened to each one of us. Those who choose to be victims, dwell on the negative experiences and allow them to dictate their future. They need someone to not look down on them because of what has happened (their fault or not). They need someone to help them back up and to encourage them. Give them something good to hold onto so they can let go of the bad.

Find the good things in life that are around you and keep your mind on them. Don’t focus on the negative. It’s easier to think negatively than positively. It is a practice that each of us can do better at. We can’t be too quick to see that bad in others. Find the good in them and build on that. If we are to win the lost, we can’t simply point out their mistakes. They will never hear the message if we do that.

Today, take time to look around you. In everything you have to do, there are others who need your help. They need you to show them the love of Christ. They need you to not only hate evil, but to do some thing about it. Then look for what is good and hold on to it. This will help you release the negativity in your life.

Here is a prayer you can pray today to help you. It is provided by Michael Moak (@Moakster on twitter) to help you accomplish these things today.

“Lord, as I begin this day let me have the wisdom to BE STILL in your presence for just five minutes so that the other 1435 minutes will have the aroma of your presence lingering over them. Allow me to have Your wisdom to make decisions that honor You and to maintain a standard of integrity, purity, and truth in all that I do. Help me to give away the love that you first gave me to someone that is desperate for it and doesn’t realize their love bank is empty. And finally, grant me favor before Your throne so that I may represent your name with excellence as well as favor before men so that I may have a platform to proclaim your glory! I ask these things in the name most powerful name of your son, Jesus Christ.” Amen.

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