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The Flood Barrier

In June 2016, Houston meteorologists predicted torrential rain and flooding in the area. One man decided he didn’t want to lose his home. He drove to Louisiana to purchase an Aquadam. As he rolled the barrier out around his house, his neighbors gave him looks and thought he was crazy. He filled the barrier with water and waited. When the 27” flood waters came, the inside of his house remained dry. The flood barrier worked. I’ll never forget the pictures I saw of it (you can see here). There was brown water everywhere with a small line of green and his house in the middle.

To me, it’s a great picture of what God does in our lives. Every one of us are going to go through storms. Every one of us are going to endure rising flood water coming into our lives. We will get wet. We will have to choose to trust God or to worry. When I see the storm clouds on the horizon, one of my first prayers for myself or others is Isaiah 59:19. It says, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him” (KJV). I ask God to build an Aquadam of sorts around myself or the person under attack to prevent total loss.

I’m reminded also of Psalm 32:6 that says, “So all your loyal people should pray to you in times of need; when a great flood of trouble comes rushing in, it will not reach them” (GNT). The Amplified says the distressing waters will not reach the spirit in him. It may be pouring right now in your life, but the Lord God is lifting up a standard against the enemy to keep the waters from destroying your spirit. Keep praying in this time of need. Keep trusting God’s ability to hold back the flood. Take your eyes off the storm and the rising waters and look to Heaven where your help comes from. He is your flood barrier and His mercies toward you are new every morning.

Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

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Raising A Standard

We all know the saying, “When it rains it pours.” Somehow when bad things happen, the sky seems to let loose and we struggle to find a ray of sunshine. There are times when those days of rain turn into weeks, months and sometimes years. We can get caught up in a cycle of bad things happening to the point that we forget what it’s like to experience God’s goodness. During those times it’s easy to want to give up or even to quit hoping for the sun to shine again. In those times, it’s important to submerse yourself in God’s Word to help you pray and to find hope again.

One of the scriptures I stand on and pray when bad things continuously happen is Isaiah 59:19. It says, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. (AMP)” When bad things keep happening and I’m beginning to feel like I’m going to drown because there is so much bad news, I ask God to raise up a standard against the enemy who is coming to attack me. I pray that God would deflect the attack and help me to get my head above water again. 

I also like to turn to the Psalms. David was a man who was constantly under attack and he recorded some great prayers asking God to help him. One of my favorites is found in Psalm 54:1. David’s prayed, “Come with great power, O God, and rescue me! Defend me with your might.” David understood what we need to understand. The battle is not ours, but the Lord’s. Pray that He would come defend you against the attacks of the enemy and rescue you. God is our rock and our fortress in times of need. Run to Him and allow Him to defend you.

Another one I pray is from Isaiah 54:17. God said, “But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgement you shall show to be in the wrong. This peace, righteousness, security and triumph over the opposition is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. (AMP)” That word “prosper” simply means to succeed. No matter what the enemy brings against you, he will not succeed because you are a servant of God and it is your heritage to have peace and security in the bad times. 

As a Christian, you are going to face hard times. You are going to see some dark days. That doesn’t mean that you are out of God’s will or not His servant. Jesus said the rain falls on the good and the bad. The biggest difference is that you and I have a God who will rise to the challenge on our behalf. We serve the One who is made strong in our weakness. Quit trying to fight the battles in your own strength and rely on His. Pray His Word over your life and your situation and rest in the peace that God will work out whatever is going on to your benefit.


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