Showing Love

Love is a crazy thing. It makes us do things we would not normally do. It doesn’t let us sit back and hold things in. It makes us do something. It wants to let everyone know how you feel. It can’t be contained or bottled up. It oozes out of you to the point that everyone can see it.

God has called us to love others that way. When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, he had two things for them: love God and love your neighbor. We find it easy to follow the first part of that, but difficult to love our neighbors. When you truly love God, you end up loving people.

The world is looking for the church to show them love. For years Christians have spread a message of condemnation and not love. We have failed to show them the love of Christ. Only by loving them can we reach them. Jesus said he did not come to the world to condemn it, but that through him the world might be saved.

Everything he did was showing love to others. He went to the houses of people that made the religious leaders of the day attack him. He hung out with people and loved people that didn’t deserve it according to the rules. His ministry was not about going around judging and condemning. It was about loving others. We say that God loves the sinner, but hates the sin. Can we look past the sin to love the sinner?

The message of the Pharisees was all about legalism and trying to show God you loved him by following an impossible group of laws. Jesus message was that when you show love to others, you fulfill the law. When you try to follow all the laws, you end up not doing for others because you are focused on yourself.

Scripture says that true religion is caring for orphans and widows. It is doing for others, not for yourself. Jesus said that when you did things for the least among you, you have done it unto him. It is having a servants heart and doing for others. Doing for others is not an option when you love God. Faith without works is dead and loving without action is dead.

God loved us so much that he did the craziest thing of all: He sent his only son to the world to show us how much he loved us. He allowed him to be sacrificed so that we could be with him. What can you do today to show that kind of love to others? Showing that kind of love opens doors for you to share the message of Christ with others. When you can love others in spite of their sin or what others may say, you will see a harvest.

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