Renewing your thoughts and attitudes

I wonder if a butterfly ever goes back to thinking like a caterpillar once he has undergone chrysalis. Does he ever think, “Man, I had it good when I had to crawl everywhere and ate leaves”? Or does he look to his new life where he can fly, go places faster and eat the sweet pollen from flowers and think he’ll never go back to crawling? I’m guessing the latter because I’ve never seen a butterfly eat leaves or crawl around.

I wonder then why we often go back to our old way of thinking and doing things once we receive Christ. We were set free from a life shackled and earth bound to a life of a high calling in Christ Jesus. Scripture says that all things have become new and we are new creatures. We have to put away our old way of thinking.

Ephesians 4:23 says that we should let the spirit renew our thoughts and attitudes and to put on our new nature. That’s easier said than done since our sin nature still lies within us. It wants to come back out and do things that it used to do before we accepted new life in Christ.

1. A few ways to help do that are:

Change your environment

You can’t change your thinking and your life until you change your environment. The butterfly has to flap his wings and leave the leaf so he can find his new life. You are called to come out from among them and to be separate. If you never leave your old life, you will never be what God intended you to be.

You have to find new friends, new places to hang out and feed yourself good things. It’s hard to leave things behind, but if they are holding you down, you have no choice. You were meant to fly. Spread your wings and trust God to help you find friendships with Godly people.

2. Change what you put in your mind

The butterfly no longer eats what he used to. His appetite changed and so did his tastes. As a Christian, your spiritual appetite and tastes must change. You can’t watch the same things, listen to the same things and feed your mind the same things that you used to. It is unhealthy now for your spirit.

I’ve learned that when you change your eating habits, eventually you will no longer crave the foods you used to. The same thing happens spiritually. When you change what you take in to your mind and spirit, eventually it will no longer want the things it used to.

3. Embrace your new life

Your life should not only bring glory to God, but also light to others. When you see a caterpillar and a butterfly, you think two different things. One is destructive to plants and is ugly. The other brings life to other plants and is beautiful. Your life should have that kind of change.

You are called to live and walk in the light. You are to bring life to those around you and not destruction. People should be able to see a difference in you once you have accepted Christ and notice the change. Embrace who God has called you to be and strive to live the life you were meant to live. If you do that, you can’t help but to fly!


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3 responses to “Renewing your thoughts and attitudes

  1. Becky

    Amen! Most time we want to become a style christian and forget the real purpose… Thanks for sharing and I will make sure to share it too!

    God bless you and may he continue to give you wisdom….

  2. Mikki

    Going thru some changes in my life, kind of scared and a bit sad….this helped me to see it in a different light!!! Love this…thank you Chris!!

    • Sorry to hear you are going through those changes. I know they can be scary to go through. Trust and believe the scripture that says all things work together for good for those who love the Lord. I’m praying for you.

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