The miracle of obedience

How often do we look at what we have and say, “I don’t have enough. I can’t give God any because I won’t have anything left over”? It could be your time, money or talents that you say that about. We look at what we have and see what we don’t have. God looks at what we have and sees the potential.

His ways are not our ways and His perspective is a lot different too. He can take what’s broken in your life and fix it. He can take your little bit of talent and magnify it. He can take even what little money you may have and make it stretch. It all depends on your obedience though. Obedience is where miracles begin.

In I Kings 17, God illustrates this principle of obedience yielding miracles.

1. Give what you have to God first

In this story, a widow was gathering sticks to prepare the last bit of food she had for herself and her son. Elijah, the prophet of God, walked up and told her that he was hungry and that she should use what she had to prepare a meal for him first. She could then use what was leftover to prepare food for herself.

If we are honest, most of us wouldn’t have given up our last meal to a stranger. That is where we miss our blessings though. Giving up what little we have to God first opens the windows of blessing on our lives. If God asks for it, trust Him to provide a way. Scripture is full of examples of this principle.

2. Take care of yourself too

God did not leave her hungry. In the very beginning of the conversation, she was told that she would have enough to prepare for herself after. Even though she knew that there wasn’t enough, she trusted any way. She was able to feed herself and her son with that little bit until the drought ended.

We think that God is taking everything when He asks for the little we have, but in reality, He will not leave you without. He leaves enough to take care of yourself too. On the first time I decided to regularly give God 10% of my income, I sat down and did a budget. After paying Him and all my bills, I had $4.30 left over. I gave my tithe anyway. I didn’t go hungry even though I didn’t get paid for 2 weeks. God provided.

3. God will refill your supply

God refilled her oil and flour until the drought ended just as He promised. God cannot fail or go back on what He has promised. He will always refill your supply if you will trust Him with it. It’s the letting go that is hard for us. We live in a world of tangible things and God’s miracles are not always immediately tangible.

I’ve heard it said many times that if God can get it through you, He will get it to you. The reason that most of us don’t see miracles like that is because He can’t get things through us. We forget that what we have (time, money or talent) is not ours. We are just stewards. He wants to do more through you, but it takes you letting go in faith.

What has God asked you to give up? What do you have that you feel is too little to give Him? God doesn’t look at the amount you give Him. He looks at the percentage of what you give Him in comparison to what you have. Remember the widow with the two pennies? Don’t be afraid to let go when He asks. He will perform miracles through your obedience.

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