The Other Side of Obedience

Years ago, I made a lot of mistakes. I’m not saying I still don’t make them, but the ones I’m talking about were life altering mistakes. I’m still paying for them a decade later. I knew I was still paying for them physically, mentally and emotionally, but I hadn’t really understood how I was paying for them spiritually. Once I sought God’s forgiveness for those mistakes, that aspect was taken care of, but there was more to it than my need for forgiveness. There have been barriers that I’ve built up because of it that have caused me to limit God’s ability to bless me.

I feel like I’m a pretty blessed person as it is, but over the last few weeks, I’m realizing that God desires to bless me more than He has been. Recently, my wife and I have been working together to tear down a wall that was built years ago from those mistakes. As we pull it down brick by brick, it’s been like cracks in a dam. Blessings have been gushing out at us. We look at each other in amazement after each incident and wonder, “Could we have experienced this years ago had we tried to tear it down then?” I think the answer is yes.

God has several principles or laws in place that if we were to simply obey, we’d reap the reward on the other side. One of those laws is “give and it shall be given to you.” We’ve mainly heard this applied to the Church, but I believe it applies to anyone. If you give to others, God opens doors to bless you. I’ve heard it said, “If God can get it through you, He’ll get it to you.” I’m finding this to be true in my own life. The more we’re willing to give to others, the more God is willing to give to us. That said, giving in order to get is the wrong motivation.

When we give in order to bless, God sees our hearts and is willing to open up the windows of Heaven to pour out blessings on us. I think those blessings are intended to keep the cycle of blessing others going. If we hoard the blessings that God pours on us, then the cycle stops. We become like the man in the parable who hid his talent. What we have will be taken from us instead of us giving it freely. God trusts us with the ability to bless others, but we fail to trust Him to do His part. We’re afraid to let go because we have too little.

What I’ve found is that even my “little” can be a blessing to someone else. When I released that “little”, God released more to me. When I released that amount, He poured out more. Now we are enjoying the cycle of blessing. Just last night, my wife said, “I’m excited to see how this next blessing will take place.” God gave us a blessing yesterday and now we’re actively looking to see how we can give it away. It’s not because we’re expecting God to turn around and bless us again, but because being a blessing is so much fun. Acting on God’s behalf is the greatest blessing there is.

Our friend Mike always asks, “What has God placed in your hands?” It may not be much in your eyes, but it is a lot to someone else and even more in God’s eyes. Whatever God has given you and told you to release, let me encourage you today to be faithful to God with it. If He asks you to release it, then release it. You will be tearing down a wall that has been holding back blessings just waiting to be released because of your obedience. Look around today and be a blessing to others. You never know what’s on the other side of your obedience.


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4 responses to “The Other Side of Obedience

  1. Great post, Chris. I love the word picture of tearing down the brick wall and having blessings pour out.

    • Thanks. That’s just what it’s been like. At first it was a little, now it’s starting to gush through. I hope to continue in this cycle of obedience so that it becomes a river without barriers.

  2. Alonso Pedroza

    Great blog Chris! This is very motivational and very true. I will never forget when you were a blessing in my life. You took action to bless me when I was not even a friend to you. Now my life is very different thanks to God putting you in my life’s path. Being blessed feels great just like you said, but being a blessing is AMAZING. I keep praying to God that I could be a blessing in someone’s life, just like you were to me.
    Another great point I realize is if we’re too busy beating ourselves up for mistakes we have done, it is hard to receive God’s blessings. It’s like trying to feed a horse when it’s hungry. If the horse will not open his mouth to eat, then there is nothing to do about it even if the horse is hungry.
    Thank You!

    • I believe if you keep praying for God to allow you to be a blessing, He’ll open the doors of opportunity for it. It’s up to us to walk through them. I’m glad you mentioned that we often beat ourselves up for past mistakes. I allowed my past to control my destiny. It wasn’t until I was able to look my past mistakes in the eye, own up to them and quit running from them that I realized God had the ability to use them for His purpose. I am still paying the consequences of those actions, but my future is brighter because I’ve quit running from them.

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