Difficult Relationships

I once heard someone say, “Everyone is a blessing. Some when they come into your life and others when they leave.” I also saw a meme that said, “I love my coworkers. Some I love to be around and some I love to avoid.” Right now you probably have some people in mind who you’d like to avoid and others whom you wish would be a blessing and exit your life. It’s only human to have conflict with some people. You’re not evil for having those thoughts.

In Acts 15:37-41, we read how the great apostle Paul and his ministry partner Barnabas had a heated argument and disagreement. It says they parted ways, the believers prayed blessings on both of them and that every place they went, they left the church stronger and more encouraged than before. This split came after the Holy Spirit had said in Acts 13:2 to set apart Paul and Barnabas to do the work of the ministry together. God put them together for a season and then blessed their parting.

Here’s the deal. Ephesians 5:20 says, “Always give thanks to Father God for every person he brings into your life in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (TPT). God has a reason for each person He brings into your life, whether you like them or not. Instead of praying for them to leave your life, try thanking God for them and asking Him to accomplish in your life what He needs to through that relationship. It’s no accident you’re together for this season. A time of departure may be on the horizon, but if God is going to bless both of you after, you’ve got to learn to be thankful for them first.

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2 responses to “Difficult Relationships

  1. Michele

    This is difently for me,….amazing …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You Chris, God does use people to relay messenges to others!😇

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