Recognizing Jesus

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4 responses to “Recognizing Jesus

  1. Excellent, as always, brother. Great thoughts and great scriptures. My pen was flying to write them down. But then I realized I could rewind the video☺️.

    Would I recognize Jesus if He walked in the door today? Where did I see Jesus today? Good questions! I plan to do some more study on the passages you shared from Job and Isaiah. Those two were not as familiar to me.

    Anyway. Thank you for your top notch ministry. You create such helpful content! God Bless.

    • That’s funny. I forget stuff like that too.
      I normally don’t post scriptures from Job’s friends because in the end they were wrong in most cases how they represented God and His relationship with man. There are parts of what they said that were true though.

      I appreciate your faithful support and encouragement. Thank you for the ministry you do as well on here and face to face with those you work with and meet.

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