The Least Obvious

Years ago I hired the most unlikely candidate for the position I had open. Everyone else walked through my office door with a suit on, a resume in hand and a plan of action. He walked in empty handed wearing some slacks and a button down. Everyone else sat up straight, looked me in the eye and gave confident answers. This gentleman sat with his knees wide open, with his head resting on his hand and elbow on his knee. I don’t think he looked me in the eye once. When it came time to hire, i couldn’t get him off my mind. He had the wrong appearance, but he had the right attitude and answers. The things he lacked were easily coachable. I hired him and years later he went on to be very successful in the company.

Jesus didn’t pick the obvious choices either to be His disciples. Instead of going into the Temple to find disciples, He went into the villages. Instead of looking for the most educated, He chose the least educated. Instead of choosing the religious people, He chose some blue collar guys and a couple of societal outcasts. His choices made people questions His Messiahship. Jesus, like His Heavenly Father, was looking at the intangibles. He was looking at the heart of people. It turns out that the disciples He chose turned the world upside down with His message and even gave their lives for Him. I’m not sure that would have happened if He went with the obvious choices.

2 Thessalonians 1:11 says, “So we keep on praying for you, asking our God to enable you to live a life worthy of his call. May he give you the power to accomplish all the good things your faith prompts you to do” (NLT). God has chosen and called you, yes YOU! You may feel unqualified and unable to do anything for Him, but He sees beyond our inabilities and insecurities. He looks into our heart and gives us the ability to step into our calling. The time for excuses is over. The time for stalling is done. He is the one who makes you worthy of your calling even if you feel like the least likely choice for it. He has a history of changing lives, and the world, with the least obvious people. You are empowered and commissioned. Step into it by faith and He will give you the strength to do all He prompts you to do.

Photo by Simeon Lesley on Unsplash


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4 responses to “The Least Obvious

  1. “He is the one who makes you worthy of your calling even if you feel like the least likely choice for it.”

    Amen, brother. Man appoints, but God anoints.”

  2. Bravo 👏 to you for looking below the facade and seeing the potential!

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