Caring For Those In Need

I’ve been blessed to get to know some people through writing and church. One lady had a ministry where she feeds the homeless. They also look for ways to help them find housing to get off the streets. Another one goes to the remote areas of the Philippines to preach the Gospel to indigenous people who have never heard it. They love on the kids and families there while also feeding them. I also know of a man and his wife who travel up and down the Amazon river to preach to people who others won’t go to. They’ve been doing it for years and have seen many come to Christ because they take care of their physical needs first. They also get the Bible translated into their native tongue.

There a lady who is barely mentioned in the New Testament that had an incredible ministry to the poor. When she dies unexpectedly, the apostle Peter happened to be in a neighboring town. Acts 9:39 says that when Peter showed up, a bunch of widows showed him the clothes Dorcas had made. They explained that she also made coats for the poor who couldn’t afford them. Peter went into the room where her body was, knelt beside, prayed and then told her to get up. She opened her eyes and sat up. The Bible doesn’t say anymore about her, but I’m sure she went back to caring for those who had no way of paying her back.

Hebrews 13:16 says, “And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God” (NLT). It’s Biblical to do things to help those who have no way to return the favor. You may not be called to the Amazon, to the Philippines or to a bridge in your city where the homeless gather, but you are called to meet needs whenever and wherever you can with whatever you have. The Kingdom of Heaven will be full of the least of these from this world because of people who took time to recognize their condition and to help. The Gospel is for all people, and we all have a responsibility to do what we can where we are and to find ways to support those who are called to people we may not be called to.

If you’d like to see or support any of the ministries I’ve mentioned, you can find them below.

Second Mile Ministry

JJay Equips

National Bible Translators

Photo by doorkeepers on Unsplash

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