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Sleep in the Storm

I was reading in the Old Testament this morning. I went to the minor prophets section of it. For some reason, I typically stay away from that area of the Bible. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not as familiar with each of them as the rest of the Bible or if it’s just when I get that close to the New Testament, I get excited and want to jump ahead. Anyway, I read through a couple of them and I came upon a verse in Haggai chapter 1 that stood out to me. It said, “I am with you, says The Lord!” What a powerful reminder from God today.

We all need to hear that verse. God is with you today. No matter what you are facing, what you are going through or what the doctor says, God is with you. There’s a peace in knowing that. My mind goes back to the disciples when they were crossing the sea. Suddenly a storm came over the mountains and caught them by surprise. The boat started taking on water. The thunder was so loud they had to scream to talk to each other. Lightning was flashing brighter than ever. The boat was being rocked and tossed by the waves. Then someone remembered that Jesus was with them.

They went down into the ship only to find Him asleep. How could He sleep through a storm? It was simply that He knew His Father was with Him. The disciples really didn’t understand what it meant at that point to have God with them. They woke Him up in panic and chastised Him. In Mark 4:38, they said, “Don’t you care that we’re going to drown?!?!” Jesus, looked at the storm and said, “Peace. Be still.” Then He asked, “Where is your faith?”

Ouch. They didn’t understand that God was with them. They allowed the storm to cloud their vision. Maybe you’re going through a storm right now. The waves of trouble are tossing you around. The lightning of bad news keeps striking in your life. The thunder of circumstances are so loud that it’s hard to hear God. You’re taking on water and you feel like you’re sinking. I’ve been there. Panic sets in. Stress keeps you from sleeping or eating much. Thoughts of worry creep in and cloud your vision. If that’s you, I want to remind you what Haggai 1:13 says, “I am with you, says The Lord!”

In our Sunday school class, we have a confession we read each week. It says, “The Lord is with me. The Lord is in me. The Lord is for me. The Lord is one with me. I am with The Lord. I am in The Lord. I am for The Lord. I am one with The Lord.” I think that’s a good prayer and reminder for each of us today. We need to not forget that God is with you. He is in you and He is for you. If He is for you, what storm can be victorious over you? You, like Jesus can sleep in the storm.

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Spiritual Baths

One of my first jobs was washing garbage trucks. I know what you’re thinking and yes, they do get washed. Why? I don’t know. I would be in the lot where they park them after dumping the trash in the landfill and walk down the line with a pressure washer to clean them. It was nasty. It was disgusting. It didn’t pay well either. I was still in high school at the time and didn’t have a driver’s license yet. My parents would pick me up at the end of my shift and I’m sure they were thankful they had a truck.

I had to ride in the back of it to the house because all of that filth and junk that was inside if them shot out at me while I washed them. I stunk. Badly. My parents would make me hose off in the yard and then get undressed in the garage before I went to take a shower. My clothes were permeated by the smell of garbage. Thankfully the washing machine was just inside the door to the house from the garage and they were washed quickly.

While I have a different job now, the same thing happens to me spiritually. I hear people’s conversations, I watch TV or movies, I hang out with non Christian friends and I go out to public places. All of those can have the same impact on my spirit man as the trash did on my physical man. I get contaminated by the things I hear or see. My spirit is permeated with the spiritual trash that I get around. I pick up the stench of the world and all I want to do is clean my spirit man off.

We can’t run from being in this world. We were called to be separate, but we were also called to be in the world. Jesus didn’t keep away from the things that got Him spiritually dirty. In fact, that’s where He spent most of His time. He went into the houses of sinners. He ate dinner with people who were unclean. He allowed a prostitute to wash His feet with her tears and to dry them with her hair. I’m sure all of those things collected on Him like stench.

Just like when I was younger and needed a bath, my spirit man needs a bath every now and then. How did Jesus do it? He always went away to a private place and spent time with God. The only way to stay clean from the filth of this world is to get into God’s Word and to spend time in prayer. Just like you don’t bathe in public, this is something you do in private. You get alone with God. You get away from everything that will distract you.

Jesus showed His disciples this. He often went away to a secluded place. He would take them with Him and then go a stone’s throw farther. Corporate prayer is good. Reading and studying the Bible in a group setting is great. You also need to be doing those things on your own to give God time to speak to you personally. Let Him clean you up daily so you can go back out into the world each day fresh with His presence and aroma around you.

Discussion Question: What are some things you do to wash your mind and spirit from the things of this world?

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