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A Prayer For Your Family


I lift up your name. I praise you because you’re worthy. You are the omnipotent and I recognize that. Where I am weak, you are strong. When I can’t, you are able. When I am limited, you are unlimited. You own the cattle on a thousand hills as the Psalmist out it. You own everything we see. You created this universe and are beyond the vastness of it. You can create something out of nothing with just your voice. Your words are powerful. More powerful than anything any one of us could ever imagine.

Today, I ask you to speak into my family. I pray that you would speak protection over them. As each of us go different ways, you are the only one who has the ability to watch over us and to protect us. Guard our paths. Expose the enemy when he’s lying in wait to steal, kill and destroy those I love. Rebuke him and keep him away so that he cannot lay a finger on anyone in my household. You are the One who gives abundant life and I ask that you speak that life into my family.

Next I pray that you would order each of our steps. Your Word says that the steps of a righteous man are ordered by you, so I ask that you would shine your light on the paths that each of us are to take. If anyone of us stumbles, reach out your hand to catch us, pull us back up and set our feet back on your path. Keep us from wandering off the paths that you have chosen for us. We want to do your will and go where you tell us. Make your way clear to each member of my family so there’s no question where you want them to walk.

For the members of my family in relationships, I ask that you would strengthen them. Draw them closer together through their relationship with you. Help each one to be selfless in their responsibilities in that relationship. For those who are yet to be in a relationship, I ask that you would bring someone who is godly into their life to challenge them in their relationship with you in order to help them grow. Put that person you have for them in their path so they will see them and your hand in the situation. Remove all fear and doubt from their mind in order to help them trust your plan for them.

Above all, I ask that you would place on each of us a hunger for more of you. Give us an appetite, a craving for your Word. Cause us to never be satisfied with anything less than you. Help us to put away spiritual junk food and to focus on putting only healthy things in our minds and hearts. When we do, I know we will be a reflection of you in all we say and do. We want to be good examples of who you are to those we meet. We want to be able to speak life into others, to build them up and encourage them. Let our lives lead others straight to you. Help us to represent you faithfully as we become more like you every day.

I ask all these things in Jesus’ name.



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A New Year’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I want to thank you for the new year. With the new year comes new beginnings, new opportunities and new goals. Help me to keep You in all three. I know that there is nothing I can do to change the past. I can learn from it and move forward. 2012 is now history. Another chapter in the story of the world has closed. It may not have been the greatest year, but You were there with me even when I couldn’t feel You.

I want to say “thank you” that you have never left me nor abandoned me. You have kept true to your promise. Your faithfulness is unfathomable to me. No matter what mistakes I’ve made or am going to make, You have and will remain by my side even though I don’t deserve it. I rest in the fact that nothing has or will come my way that You don’t know about and I believe You will give me the strength to endure.

For the new beginnings that will occur this year, I ask that You help me to embrace that change. I realize that while I’m not a fan of change, You use it to continuously mold me and to shape me into being who You want me to be. May I recognize these new beginnings new ways to bring You glory. Help me to embrace the change that comes and to focus on pleasing You.

For the new opportunities that will arise this year, I ask that You will give me wisdom to discern which opportunities provide the best investment of my time and resources. Help me to choose the opportunities that will help me to grow Your kingdom and further Your cause. On the opportunities that You ask me to pass by, I pray that You help me to let go so that You can bless my life at the right time with the right opportunities.

For the new goals that have been and will be set for this year, I ask for endurance and guidance. Some goals will be met quickly while others are more long term. Help me to run the race You have called me to run. Help me to keep my eyes on the prize without looking back or getting off track. I will need Your strength in me to accomplish all that You have for me to do. When my strength runs out, remind me that it is not by might nor by power, but by Your Spirit that I can do all things.

Guide me in this new year. Help me to hear Your voice daily and to obey. Help me to see Your handiwork in my life and to embrace it. Help me to be Your hands and feet so that I may show Your love to others with all my strength. Help me to speak Your words to others. Words that will bring life and not death. Words that will build up and not tear down. May I honor You in all I do this year.

In Jesus name I pray,

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When God says “No”

I was letting my 19 month old son explore the front yard the other day. As he walked around, he pointed at different things, jibber jabbered about them, laughed and walked on. We did this for a while before he noticed the street. Once he saw it, he immediately headed for it. I told him “no”, but he kept going. I finally stood in his way to prevent him from going in the street as I told him “no”. He began to cry and try harder to get there. Ultimately, I was successful in preventing him from getting in the street.

Because I told him “no” and prevented him from going into the street, does that make me a bad dad? No. Because I did it to protect my son now and in the future. So why do we think God is being mean or bad when He tells us “no”? We are much like my son. We have an idea and we want to do it, but God sees the bigger picture. He says “no” in order to protect us. Does that mean He loves us less? Of course not. It probably means He loves you more.

When God tells you “no”, He is doing what any good parent would do. He is making sure you don’t walk into danger that you can’t see. My son is not old enough to understand the dangers of the street, but I am. I prevent him from going out there because I love him. In the same way, God will often tell you “n”o or prevent you from doing something you really want to do. He’s not saying you will never get to do it, but right now you aren’t ready.

My pastor used to say that God’s “no” is as good as His “yes”. Let that sink in for a second. When God says “no”, it is as good as Him saying “yes”. You see that even when God says “no”, His will for you is perfect. He knows your future and has a plan for you and your life. When you try to deviate from that plan, He often says “no” in order to keep you in His plan for your life. We end up crying and throwing a fit though because it’s not what we want.

I wonder if it’s as embarrassing for God when we throw a fit as it is for us when our kids throw a fit. That’s exactly what we are doing when we don’t get our way. We shake our fist at heave and tell God that He doesn’t love us or we try to make a deal with Him. “If you let me do this, I’ll do that,” we tell God. We’ll even promise to go to Africa and be a missionary if only He would grant this one thing!

God is a good father. He sees you, knows you and what is best for you. Like my son, we don’t know what’s best for us. We just know what we want. God will take care of you and your needs if you will trust Him. To complain and fight against Him when He says “no”, is to tell Him you know better than Him. In my life, I’ve learned that I don’t know better than Him. I’ll do what proverbs 3:5-6 says: Trust in the Lord with all of your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.


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